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Source Naturals Ostivone w/CalciumĒ 322 mg 120 tablet
PRICE: $20.99
Lack of adequate dietary calcium or an increase in bone resorption (breakdown) relative to formation, results in decalcification of bones. This can cause a loss of bone strength and thinning of bones, which is something of particular concern to women in their menopausal years. Clinical studies on post-menopausal women have shown that ipriflavone, a naturally occurring isoflavone, helps to maintain bone mineral density when combined with calcium.
Ostivone(TM) with Calcium combines clinical amounts of ipriflavone with three highly absorbable forms of calcium to help support and maintain a healthy skeletal system, especially during the menopausal years when bone loss increases.

Ostivone(TM) is a registered trademark of TSI, Inc.

UPC: 021078012009

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