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Source Naturals Vegan True¨ Neuromins DHA 200 mg 30 softgel
PRICE: $16.09
Due to a plant-based diet, vegans often have lower concentrations of DHA, which plays an important role in brain and heart health. The richest sources of DHA are fish and other seafood, though meat and eggs also provide significant amounts. Supplementation with Vegan True(TM) DHA, sourced from algae, can help ensure adequate amounts for vegans. DHA plays a significant role in rapid brain and retinal development during fetal growth and infancy. It is transferred to the fetus by pregnant mothers and supplied to newborns via breast milk. Vegan True DHA, does not contain any animal products or animal-derived ingredients.
Life's DHA(TM) and Neuromins(R) are trademarks of DSM Nutritional Products, Ltd.

UPC: 021078025696

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