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Tahiti Trader Organic Goji Max 32 OZ-UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $25.02
The Secret of Organic Goji MAX™

Growing in some of the harshest climate conditions in the remote highlands of China, Mongolia & Tibet and used as natural medicine across Asia for over 3,000 years, Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) has long been known as the “longevity fruit”. Researchers have discovered that Goji is rich in Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides, potent glycoconjugates responsible for much of Goji’s powerful benefits. These powerful antioxidants are exceptional sources of the essential cell nutrients responsible for proper immune function. These polysaccharides appear to be highly effective in raising the levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an immune protein that steadily declines with age. They also stimulate the release by the pituitary gland of the human growth hormone (hGH) known as the "youth hormone". This ability of Goji to reverse age-related declines provides the strongest evidence of its anti-aging potential.

The Benefits

Organic Goji MAX™ helps to stimulate the release of hGH, the “youth hormone” and helps to reverse the age-related decline of IgA, an essential immune protein. This can result in improved immune response, looking and feeling younger, reduced body fat, improved memory and increased libido.*

Energy & Stamina
Organic Goji MAX™ helps to increase energy & stamina, reduce fatigue and improve recovery from an illness or exertion.*

Weight Control
Organic Goji MAX™ helps to convert food into energy instead of fat and helps to improve digestion and to promote a healthy metabolism.*

Libido Enhancement
Organic Goji MAX™ has long been used in Asia as a sexual tonic. Modern research has shown a positive effect on testosterone levels, thereby increasing libido in both men and women.*

Inflammation Control
Organic Goji MAX™ helps to stimulate the production of an important anti-inflammatory enzyme (SOD) to help combat chronic inflammation and joint problems.*

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