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Universal Nutrition Tone & Tighten 120 Caps TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
PRICE: $13.62
Fifteen years ago, the first stimulant-free diet product made only for women made its debut. Today, Tone & Tighten is still our best-selling diet product for one simple reason: thousands of women have achieved great results over the years. With its select blend of gentle botanicals and other vital nutrients, Tone & Tighten has helped women, young and old, burn fat, increase metabolism and attack cellulite more effectively through a three step process: blocking fat absorption, releasing stored bodyfat, and enhancing overall fat burning. First, Tone & Tighten, with its unique fiber blend, can actually help block the absorption of dietary fats. Natural ingredients like burdock can help surround and trap fats before they are digested. Second, lipotropics like choline, inositol monophosphate, and betaine hydrochloride can help your body release stored bodyfat. In addition, inositol can help maintain the proper function of the liver and has even been shown to relieve depression; choline functions as a methyl donor and is required for proper liver function; and betaine can aid digestion. Third, once those stored fats are released, natural thermogenics and metabolics found in Tone & Tighten can help you burn that fat more efficiently. As a related benefit, this fat burning naturally enhances your energy levels without the use of stimulants. Thermogenics are those substances that can raise your body's core metabolism–when this happens, your body burns more calories while you exercise and rest. Cayenne contains the active ingredient capsaicin which can safely encourage thermogenesis. L-carnitine works with lipotropics to enhance energy levels and fat loss. Once stored bodyfat has been released, L-carnitine functions as a shuttle, pushing these fats into cells where they are burned for energy. While Tone & Tighten can help you accomplish all three of the goals stated above, it can do more. Many women want to achieve definition and visible muscle tone. Often, the lean, tight look can be obscured by water trapped just beneath the skin. Subcutaneous water retention poses special challenges for women. Tone & Tighten's two ingredients, uva ursi and damiana, exert powerful water-shedding effects. Tone & Tighten can also promote the proper and efficient function of blood-sugar and insulin. Weight gain has been linked to impaired insulin function. Finally, Tone & Tighten can help detoxify your body and enhance regularity. Safe, gentle, and proven, Tone & Tighten is a great choice for all women.

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