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Universal Nutrition EAA Stack Fruit Punch 260Gm
PRICE: $24.02
EAA StackŠ, with its comprehensive essential amino acid (EAA) profile, is designed to deliver the correct ratios of key essential amino acids required for igniting the anabolic drive via increased muscle protein synthesis and decreased muscle protein breakdown. Recent research has shown that, following resistance exercise, only EAAs are needed to spark protein synthesis - - non-essential amino acids (NEAAs) are not required and are effectively wasted. What makes EAA StackŠ superior is that it contains the right forms and dose of EAAs. By using only special Free Form aminos, EAA StackŠ delivers those critical aminos fast, when your muscles need them most. Each serving of EAA StackŠ also provides a proven 6,000mg dose. So on the road to recovery and new growth, be sure to fuel your muscles with EAA StackŠ.

UPC: 039442051479

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