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USPLabs - Anabolic Pump 90 Caps
PRICE: $46.99
Every once in a great blue moon a supplement comes along that completely changes the bodybuilding industry. First it was MRP's, creatine was next and now Anabolic Pump ™: The Genetic Equalizer.

Don't mistake me saying Anabolic-Pump is the next creatine. It's not…because creatine only wishes it could do what Anabolic-Pump does with ease...

If you want to quickly gain more muscle mass, torch bodyfat from your "trouble areas" faster than a speeding bullet AND completely transform yourself into a lean, muscular "stud" without changing your diet or workouts…then this letter is going to blow your mind.

The company I work for, USP Labs, has recently developed a brand-new supplement so unique and effective, Industry-leading magazines such as Muscular Development and Planet Muscle are going crazy about it.

In fact, Internet message boards such as Bodybuilding.com and Anabolicminds.com are going complete ape-shit over the results this "almost magical" supplement is producing.

Saying they are shocked by the transformations bodybuilders with otherwise "crappy genetics" are making would be an understatement.

How Does Anabolic Pump Work?
Anabolic-Pump™ makes food more anabolic by utilizing the natural power of the most anabolic hormone in the world - insulin. In our quest for perfection, diet is the ultimate key to success. Basic fact is that food is the most anabolic substance in the world. You can inject insane amounts of testosterone and deca, along with handfuls of d-bol and anadrol and without the proper diet-you will not grow! Ask around...this is bodybuilding gospel.

By harnessing the power of muscle specific insulin and food, Anabolic-Pump™ takes natural growth to unnatural levels! Insulin is the most powerful anabolic hormone produced by the body, while food constitutes the very anabolic building blocks of muscle tissue. Professional bodybuilders administer insulin and eat insane amounts of food for rapid strength and size gains. Insulin, without a doubt, forces muscle to grow fast. Unfortunately, insulin also forces fat cells to grow faster- yuck! What you end up with is a huge mass of muscle covered in a thick layer of fat. In a Perfect world fat cells would be resistant to the action of insulin. Like the moronic cliché "have your cake and eat it too" Why bake a cake and not eat it? With Anabolic-Pump™ you eliminate the guilt of eating the cake. Yes, we've created the perfect world... well... the perfect supplement at least!

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