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USPLabs - Prime 120 Capsules
PRICE: $50.00
In a pilot study, a group of 12 exercising men were found to experience the following, on average, over a 30-day period while using USPlabs Prime™: 4.29 lbs increase in body weight 6.37 lbs increase in lean body mass 2.08 lbs decrease in fat mass 40.83 lbs increase in bench press strength (3 RM) 54.58 lbs increase in squat strength (3 RM) Furthermore, just to make certain the product isn't simply acting as an androgen and exerting these effects, we had Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and total and free testosterone levels measured. Luteinizing Hormone is the hormone responsible for allowing the testicles to produce testosterone and is often decreased when a substance is acting as an androgen, though there are some exceptions. What we found was that there was no statistically significant decrease in LH or testosterone in the subjects taking USPlabs Prime ™. …TRULY groundbreaking stuff.

UPC: 094922984616

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