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Carlson - Natural Digestive Enzymes 50 Tablets
PRICE: $13.52
  • Powerful Food Enzymes
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Carlson Digestive Aid #34 is a powerful digestive enzyme formula to supplement body secretions and promote the utilization of food. Each tablet supplies 34 thousand USP units of Protease and 34 thousands USP units of Amylase activity and 2 to 8 thousand USP units of Lipase activity, to help digest your meal.

    Under conditions of the USP assay for enzyme activity, each tablet digests 34 grams of protein and substantial quantities of fat and starch as well.

    Digestive Aid #34 tablets are prepared to disintegrate where digestive functions take place. The Pancreatin and Ox Bile are contained inside a special inner coating for intestinal disintegration.

    UPC: 088395066405

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